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Litter #: KC -November -2019
Due Date: 11/6/2019
KC   Ruger
Mom: KC
  Dad: Ruger
Notes: For anyone wanting one of Ruger's pups this will be his last litter as we are retiring are legendary stud Ruger!!  Coupled with KC this offering should make an awesome set of Red Standard F1b English Goldendoodles. They should mature out between 60-85# males being on the heavier side!!  Look for these pups to have awesome temperaments and be eyecatchers for sure!!  pups will be priced at $1250.00 reserve yours today with a $200 deposit and a puppy application from are our website!
Litter #: Panda - September-2019-11
Due Date: 9/3/2019
Panda   Drake
Mom: Panda
First of all these are temporary pictures until her fall photo shoot!  We are very excited to add Panda to our Goldendoodle program.  Panda is out of a AKC Brown and white female Standard Poodle and a white /creme AKC English Golden Doodle that carries the party gene.  She weighs in at approx. 70# and  has a very soft easy going temperament .  Look for her to produce some very high quality F1b non-shedding goldendoodles with flowing black 0r chocolate or posibbly a party color  wavy to curly coats with white markings on the chest and toes possible.  She is very intelligent and has alot to offer in our breeding program.  Look for her puppies to be eyecatchers for sure!!
  Dad: Drake
Drake is a new stud dog in are program replacing the famous Remington! We have high hopes for him, He should produce a  larger framed dog with chocolate or black coates and should throw some party coates also!!  Drake weighs in at 76# and has an awesome temperament!  He is out of a large black and white beautiful tuxedo female AKC Standard poodle and a chocolate and White  AKC Standard poodle male.  Look for these pups to have awesome coats, great temperaments, and eye-catching looks!!  
Notes: These pups will most likely be Black or black with white markings on chest and toes possible, along with chocolate or chocolate party colored. They will be F1b English Goldendoodles with wavy to curly non- shedding coats.  these pups will have a lot of eye appeal and should be very intelligent and quick to train.  They should mature out around 55-70# for females and 75-90# for males.  they will sport and easy going laid back temperament so many folks are looking for.   These are standard size F1b English Goldendoodles and will be Priced at $1250.00  Reserve yours with a $200.00 deposit and a puppy application.
Litter #: Raven-October-2019-15
Due Date: 10/23/2019
Raven   Gage
Mom: Raven
Raven is an English F1 Goldendoodle she is 50% English Golden Retriever - 50% Standard Poodle.  She weighs approximately 60#  She has a very easy going soft made dispositions and is very intelligent.  Raven is a new dog in our program that we are very excited about!  Look for her pups to be eye catchers for sure that are quick learners with great dispositions.
  Dad: Gage
Gage is Moyen Poodle a cross between a Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle. Gage was put in are program to downsize the dogs! He weighs 40# and his pups should weigh approx 35-60# and his puppies would be classified as large miniatures or medium size dog! ?We are very excited about Gage as he is very intelligent and sports an awesome temperament.  Look for Gages pups to be very quick to train, eye catchers for sure and producing a medium sized dog!  We look for Gage to become one of our most popular studs!
Notes: This is the first litter of white cream English goldendoodles we have been able to offer in about 7 years.  We are excited about this offering and they will probably go fast!!  Look for these pups to be eyecatchers for sure and quick to train! The pups should mature out at about 40# for the females and 50 or so for the males.  the pups will be priced at $1500.00 plus PA sales tax for PA residents.  Reserve yous today with a $200.00 deposit and a puppy application!
Litter #: Roxie-September-2019-14
Due Date: 9/5/2019
Roxie   Briar
Mom: Roxie
Roxie is an F1 English Goldendoodle and a full sister out of the same litter as Luna!  We are very excited about this new line of genetics and feel these girls will prove to be an awesome addition to our line up.  Roxie is between alight apricot and a light apricot and a white creme semi wavy easy flowing coat!  She will produce F1b semi curly fo full curly non-shedding coats on her pups!  Look for her pups to be very intelligent awesome looking dogs that draw a lot of attention and sport that soft made easy going temperament!  Roxie weighs approx. 70#
  Dad: Briar
Briar is a beautiful red miniature poodle weighing in at 25# and sporting an awesome personality and charms everyone he comes in contact with.  He is one of the most intelligent dogs i have had the pleasure of owning and we for sure are excited to see what Briar can offer to our program.  We expect his pups to mature out to 35-50# and would call them medium size dog.  Look for his pups to be very intelligent, fast trainers and eye catchers for sure!!
Notes: Roxie's pups and will be F1b mini  English Goldendoodles with low to non-shedding semi wavy to full curly coats!!  Colors could be anywhere from Red, apricot, or honey.   Look for this litter to sell out quick and to be very good looking pups with that softer made disposition that the English Goldendoodles are famous for!  Pups should mature out around 25#-35#  females to 40-50# for males!!  Pups will run $1500.00 and be ready to go home  in November.   PA residents add 6% for sales tax and pay pal users must add an additional 3% for the surcharge.    Reserve yours today with a puppy application and a $200 non-refundable deposit!!
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