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Litter #: Cocoa-March-2020-04
Due Date: 3/22/2020
Cocoa   Gage
Mom: Cocoa
Cocoa  is a beautiful F1 American Goldendoodle she is the only American Goldendoodle in our program. I added her because of her rare chocolate color and her stunning wavy coat. Her pups are going to be absolutely gorgeous!! Coccoa weights aprox. 70# and is extremely intelligent. Cocoa's has a very sweet easy going temperament and has that want to please you attitude!!  If you are lucky enough to get one of her puppies you are going to own a stunning dog! look for her puppies to become extremely popular going forward!!
  Dad: Gage
Gage is a Moyen  Poodle and is a new stud in our program, that we are very excited about.  He is a small to medium sized dog weighing in about 45# and is very intelligent with a happy go lucky, easy going temperament!   We are looking forward to what Gage can bring to our program, look for his pups to be eyecatchers, fast trainers, and awesome coats!
Notes: Cocoa and Gage should produce awesome set of puppies with the bulk of the litter being chocolate or chocolate with white chest and toes and possibly black or cafe.  Look for these puppies to have beautiful flowing fleece style coats that will be low to 100% NON-Shedding.  Pups will mature out to 40-50# females and 50-65# for males.  Pups are $1250.00  Reserve yours now by filling out a puppy application on website and submitting a $200.00 deposit.  Pa resident will owe 6% sales tax at pickup
Litter #: Jade-March-2020-06
Due Date: 3/10/2020
Jade   Gage
Mom: Jade
  Dad: Gage
Notes: Jade will produce a powerful set of small to medium sized F1b Labradoodles weighing 40-50# for females and 45-65 for males.  Jade's pups will be highly intelligent, quick to train,  show stoppers out in public!!  Jade is a water nut and loves to retrieve and comes from hunting lines!  Her pups will be Chocolate, black, possible cafe colors.  Pups will be priced at $1250.00 reserve yours with a $200.00 deposit and a puppy application from our website. PA residents add 6% for sales tax.  this litter will sell out quick.
Litter #: Millie-March-2020-05
Due Date: 3/24/2020
Millie   Boone
Mom: Millie
  Dad: Boone
Boone is an Australian Labradoodle weighing in at 32# and has a curly fleece style coat.  Boone comes to us from an Australian Labradoodle breeder that is very reputable.  He carries the party gene and can produce party colored pups, or chocolate with white accents!  look for his pups to be very intelligent and fast to train!!  
Notes: This is a powerful set of genetics being combined and should produce an outstanding set of pups with awesome temperaments, very intelligent, and sport that non shedding curly fleece style coats everyone is looking for!! the pups should mature out at around 35#- 60# and be classified as medium sized Australian Multigen-Labradoodles. These pups will be anywhere from chocolate-white party colored to chocolate with white toes or chest!  They will be priced at $1500.00.  A $200.00 non-refundable deposit and a puppy application will reserve yours today.
Litter #: Panda - Mar 2020-03
Due Date: 3/19/2020
Panda   Drake
Mom: Panda
First of all these are temporary pictures until her fall photo shoot!  We are very excited to add Panda to our Goldendoodle program.  Panda is out of a AKC Brown and white female Standard Poodle and a white /creme AKC English Golden Doodle that carries the party gene.  She weighs in at approx. 70# and  has a very soft easy going temperament .  Look for her to produce some very high quality F1b non-shedding goldendoodles with flowing black 0r chocolate or posibbly a party color  wavy to curly coats with white markings on the chest and toes possible.  She is very intelligent and has alot to offer in our breeding program.  Look for her puppies to be eyecatchers for sure!!
  Dad: Drake
Drake is a new stud dog in are program replacing the famous Remington! We have high hopes for him, He should produce a  larger framed dog with chocolate or black coates and should throw some party coates also!!  Drake weighs in at 76# and has an awesome temperament!  He is out of a large black and white beautiful tuxedo female AKC Standard poodle and a chocolate and White  AKC Standard poodle male.  Look for these pups to have awesome coats, great temperaments, and eye-catching looks!!  
Notes: These pups will most likely be Black or black with white markings on chest and toes possible, along with chocolate or chocolate party colored. They will be F1b English Goldendoodles with wavy to curly non- shedding coats.  these pups will have a lot of eye appeal and should be very intelligent and quick to train.  They should mature out around 60-70# for females and 75-90# for males.  they will sport and easy going laid back temperament so many folks are looking for.   These are standard size F1b English Goldendoodles and will be Priced at $1250.00  Reserve yours with a $200.00 deposit and a puppy application.
Litter #: Sage-March-2020-02
Due Date: 1/7/2020
Sage   Briar
Mom: Sage
Sage is an F1 Labradoodle weighing at 70# and has a very nice temperament.  She bring a beautiful yellow semi way coat and reminds you of a yellow lab when you see her.  She is highly intelligent and well made.  Look for her to produce beautiful pups in yellow, cafe and choc with very nice fleece type low -to non shedding coats.  Sage charms all whom she meets.  We are very excited to add a dog like sage to our program 
  Dad: Briar
Briar is a beautiful red Miniature Poodle weighing in at 25# and sporting an awesome personality and charms everyone he comes in contact with.  He is one of the most intelligent dogs i have had the pleasure of owning and we are for sure excited to see what Briar can offer to our program!  We expect his pups to mature out at 35-60# and would call them a medium to small sized dog.  Look for his pups to be very intelligent, fast trainers, and eye catchers for sure!! 
Notes: This is Sage's  Fourth  litter of pups and coupled with Briar should be an awesome set of pups!  These pups will be Miniature size F1b Labradoodles and should mature out between 30-50#.  Colors I am guessing there will be possibly some reds, yellows and apricots.  Expect lots of attention when out in the public with these dogs they are sure to be eye catchers!  Sage's pups will run $1500.00 and you can reserve one with a puppy application and a $200.00 deposit!!  Sage's pups will be ready to go home aprox.3-7-2020.
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