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Name: Jasmine-2019
Status: SOLD!
ID: Jade-May-2019-06
Variety: F1b Mini-Labradoodles
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Health: 2 yr. genetic warranty
Mother: Jade
Father: Briar
Litter #: Jade-May-2019-06
This is Jade's first litter of pups and coupled with Briar's awesome disposition should produce an awesome  set of F1b miniature Labradoodles weighing between 30-60# females being on the smaller side!! Anyone wanting a Doodle with hunting or retrieving  background Jade is are top candidate!! this litter is all solid blacks and with some of the pups being curly and some being semi curly! This is a chance for folks to get a high quality smaller package for less money. Due to the fact she had all black puppies we have decided to lower the price on the litter to $1250.00. These puppies will be impressive looking pups and highly intelligent,  not to mention the fact that black puppies are easier to keep clean because they do not show the dirt! Reserve yours today with a $200.00 deposit and a puppy application!
Jasmine-2019 - As A Puppy!
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