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When one of our dogs becomes part of your family, a great thing happens!  Tell us your story, and we will post it here for everyone to see. 

Nina Cordisco and their dog Champ

Nina Cordisco Hotkowski 3:06pm Jan 13 Melanie, I can't help but update you on Champ. He is such a wonderful dog! He most definitely is a quick learner--he was completely housetrained by 4 months, is great with commands, and has made a lot of progress in respecting boundaries/limits when playing with the kids. When we go to the dog park he spends just as much time say hello to all of the people as he does playing with the dogs! He is such a people kind of dog and absolutely loves kids. I see that Sadie is having more pups this spring--I am sure they will go fast! Thanks so much for investing so much time, energy, and love into your dogs and providing families like ours with such sweet, fun-loving, and furry family members!
Kara Hohn and their dog

I can't imagine buying a dog anywhere else. Our doodle is now almost 9 months old and she is just wonderful. Her temperament around children is perfect (we have 3 kids, the youngest won't leave her alone), she loves meeting people, she would fetch a ball all day long and yet in between playtime she is calm as anything. Her coat is soft and fleecy, as non-shedding as is possible. Almost makes us think we may want to have two dogs (of course both being doodles from you). We are very thankful for a breeder like you.
Sandy Callahan Cappello and their dog Adrinne

Our Adrinne (Jenivive) is perfect! She is almost 4 months old, so very sweet, learns quickly and is a true joy to our family. Typical Puppy mishaps, (she likes the heels of my shoes and occasional accidents in the house) but only when not kept a close enough eye on. She is my shadow and I just love her. She is loved by everyone in our family and our neighbors as well! We are so happy I found Dog Gone Doodles
Tami Schettler and their dog Jax

My family and I love our Buddy-Jax and could not see ourselves without him. The cutest pup ever and will always stand behind DGD producing a great pup. Thank you again Melanie and Brian for getting back to me.
Kim Nicolaus and their dog Annabelle

Love our sweet Annabelle from DGD. Researched other breeders and watched their site since the loss of our lab. Didn't want the shedding any longer so decided on a Labradoodle. Spoke with Melanie several times and made our choice. She was very nice and answered any questions. Everyone the day of pick up was very kind and personable. We decided on another and are anxiously awaiting Annabelle's playmate. Thanks so much!!!
Jill & Anthony Uberti and their dog Brutis
Hermitage, PA
Hi Brian and Melanie, Sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch, I'm sure you've been wondering how Christmas morning went... The boys were thrilled and so excited Christmas morning. (Of course, Brutus had to sleep with my mom so he wouldn't cry.) He is doing great. He is such an awesome puppy, very easy-going and smart. He is very quick with the potty-training and is easily redirected when chewing something other than a toy. Dominic says he is a "follower" because wherever they go, he goes. He has also become fast friends with our Great Dane. They prefer to sleep together at night, rather than be kenneled. He got a clean bill of health from our vet and we left them with a few of your cards. We couldn't be happier, thanks for everything. We will be in touch again as he continues to grow. Thanks again, Jill
Scott & Stacey McDonald and their dog Honey
Harrisburg, PA
Hello Brian and Melanie, My family and I wanted you to know that we have been totally in love with the fabulous golden doodle puppy "Daisy" from your recent litter. We have named her Honey and she is as sweet as her name implies. She is quiet natured, friendly, obedient and a pure joy to be with. She has added so much to our home in such a short time and we cant imagine our lives without her! Every person who sees her and meets her is absolutely enamored with her and of course want to know all about her. She loves meeting new people and dogs and has been the talk of our entire extended family. Our visiting relatives at Christmas time took more photos of her than the rest of the family! A truly intelligent young lady, she had the potty training mastered shortly before her 3rd month and will consistently go to our front door and give a short and low bark to let us know each time she needs to go outside. She is a great walker and enjoys being outdoors whenever possible. She has also made a boyfriend 3 doors down with a male golden retriever named Rooney. He is 6 months old and looks forward to playing with her everyday. Honey has been shed free so far and has the most beautiful white and fluffy coat. We are stopped constantly to answer questions about her breed and where she came from. We are always happy to share our positive experience meeting and working with you both in making this very important decision in our lives. She is a fantastic companion to our girls and enjoys meeting all of their friends when she walks to school with Stacey to pick them up. She also really likes riding around everywhere with Stacey in the SUV! Honey is truly a dream dog and we owe you both our gratitude for giving us a wonderful new family member. We hope all is well with you and your family and all your dogs. Thanks again for everything! Scott and Stacey McDonald Sent from my iPad
Alison Hayden & Ryan Klosnick and their dog Roxy
Latrobe, Pa
Hello Brian and Melanie, Sorry this took us a little bit to get to you, attached are some pictures of Roxy. You can see the progression in her growth!! She is about 26lbs now and has tons of personality. She is absolutely adorable and a wonderful addition to our family. All of our friends and family now stop our not to see us, but to see Roxy! Ryan has been traveling a lot for work and we haven't been able to sit down together and prepare a testimonial for your website yet. We definitely want to, I am hoping this weekend we are able to. Again, sorry for the delay.
Nancy A. Hudson and their dog Betsy
Shippensburg, PA
Hi Brian and Melanie, It’s Betsy with her favorite ‘squirrel’, Betsy sitting on Amber’s lap, and Betsy after her surgery looking so DEAR! She was the perfect patient! Thanks again, we love her, and she is spoiled with love!!! Nancy
The Timmon's family and their dog Cooper
Pitt., Pa
Melanie and Brian, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog Cooper is turning out to be. At 6 months he is well over 60# with long legs and a nice curly coat. He has such a nice easy going, even temperament and loves to be with "his people" all the time. We take him with us everywhere. Cooper has been hiking, swimming and canoeing. Wherever we go Cooper is always the main attraction due to his unusual (good) looks. We always get asked a lot of questions about his breed. He gets along with everyone and has not met another dog he doesn't like. He is the perfect addition to our family and couldn't imagine our home without him.
Megan Wilson and their dog Sookie
Pitt., Pa
Brian and Melanie- Sorry this took so long, we've had a busy week. I attached some pictures of the chocolate labradoodle we got from you back in June. We named her Sookie (like Cookie, but with an S). She is absolutely wonderful! She gets along great with our other dog and is great with kids. She is very intelligent and easy to train! We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful pup!
Myrna Eshbaugh and their dog Tessa
Clarion, Pa
Bryan and Melanie, First off we want to apologize for the delay, but Tessa has made a HUGE impact on our lives. Thank you for creating such a wonderful puppy. She was tops in her obedience classes and has such a great personality that even the trainer bragged about her! Please find attached photos from the day we brought her home to the most recent snows. Also find photos of her laying down with cats, who tolerate her. She has far exceeded our expectations in every way! We were truly blessed. Feel free to use any of the photos on the web site. Thank you again, we will be return customers in the future to get her a playmate. Myrna Eshbaugh and Steve Howie
Grace Gouge and their dog Marley

Hi Brian and Melanie, Just wanted to thank you for our puppy Marley. He is an incredible dog, and has impressed not only us but those around us. He is smart, adorable, wonderful with our kids, and I love his coat! (thank you Brian) As you can see he is growing fast! At our last vet visit he weighed almost 20 pounds! He still doesn't do well on car rides. He is all excited like our other dog if we are getting ready to go somewhere, until he sees us head toward the van. He sits on the deck and looks at us, like "no way mom, sorry!" We still take him some places. He was a hit at the Labor Day parade here! So, again, thank you! And if you ever need a reference, let me know!! He is a top quality dog, just what we were looking for! I am looking into training him to be a therapy dog. He has the personality, I think, to do it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grace Gouge Sent from my iPhone
Chris Schiappa and their dog Duncan
Grove City, PA
Hi Mel and Brian, I wanted to send you a note and give you an update on Duncan (formerly Max) the Goldendoodle and show you how he has progressed since we picked him up from you on June 25, 2011. He is exactly what we were looking for in a dog: mellow, very friendly, great with kids, inquisitive, nice looking, a great retriever, loves the water and a bit of a prankster. The first and second photos show him at about 11 weeks. The third photo shows him at about 13 weeks which is when he learned sit, stay and come. The last photo shows him at 16 weeks and about 32 lbs. His almost pure black coat is now starting to show some light gold tones especially round his legs. His fur is soft and shiny and he loves being brushed. Here's a short video of him retrieving at 14 weeks: Thanks again for the great dog! Chris, Tam and Ellie Schiappa Grove City, PA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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